Gloim provides marketing services along with government-support projects and other avenues.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

18.56% of the organic search users, 14.19% of new visitors, and 9.20% of the session increased, compared to the three months’ data after applying SEO. Additionally, through analyzing and managing keywords, the Organic Search users have increased in 34.24%, compared to the data of the past two years since the domain opened.

  • Planning and Conducting Marketing Strategy

Tailoring our marketing strategy to our client’s goals, we achieved a notable increase in web page visitors and inquiries. Our efforts included Search Engine Ads, Display Ads, and YouTube Ads.

  • Keyword Research and Management

By analyzing keywords for use in Search Ads and diligently maintaining search orders, we ensured that crucial core keywords prominently appeared in both paid Ads and Organic Research.

  • Result of Marketing

Leveraging two years of marketing experience, our advertisements were viewed to targeted customers, leading to a large number of inquiries and creating profits.