Channel Managing

Lay the foundation of online marketing with Gloim’s work experience.

Strategic social media marketing

Gloim employs Instagram, Meta(FaceBook), NAVER(a Korean search engine), Kakao display ads, and other Korean search social network services to pinpoint potential customers accurately, aligning with our client’s business goals and creating tailored content. Beyond our professional production expertise, we not only enhance brand awareness and credibility but also communicate with the customers making strong connections.
These efforts enable us to continuously discover new potential customers along with established ones. Additionally, we collect conversion data through pixels and other procedures, targeting new consumers who share similar characteristics with existing ones and amplifying their desire to make a purchase.

channel managing

Process of Managing Social Network Services(SNS)

SNS 포스팅 이미지 기획

다국어 문구(원고) 작성

SNS 지면 관리

SNS 소통 관리

월간 보고서 작성 및 보고

고객사 강점을 살린 컨셉을 도출하고 콘텐츠를 직접 기획 및 제작합니다.

다국적 시장에 진출하여 고객과 소통하고 계정을 최적화하기 위해 피드에 맞는 다른 언어로 원고 작성과 체계적인 해시태그를 리서치 후 작성합니다.

고객사의 성격에 맞는 내용 요약 및 구성을 하여서 sns 지면을 효과적으로 관리합니다.

DM 및 댓글관리와 함께 도달, 좋아요, 유입, 팔로우 등 주요 수치 분석 및 관리를 함으로서 팔로워 유입을 증가합니다.

팔로워, 경쟁사, 도달 수 등 주요 지표를 분석하여, 최적의 광고 전략을 도출하기 위한 지속적인 개선을 취합니다.

Planning Images to Post in SNS

Writing Multilingual Captions

Managing SNS Feed

Communicating in SNS

Monthly Report

Planning Images to Post in SNS

We conceptualize content that highlights our clients’ strengths, planning and producing visuals accordingly for effective social media posts.

Writing Multilingual Captions

We craft multilingual captions and hashtags to extend reach into the global market, facilitating communication with our customers through various feeds and media channels.

Managing SNS Feed

We curate and organize content that aligns with our clients’ objectives, ensuring a well-regulated and engaging social media feed.

Communicating in SNS

We handle various elements, including Direct Messages (DMs), comments, reach, and likes, strategically organizing them to attract new followers and drive increased engagement.

Monthly Report

We analyze key metrics, encompassing followers, competitor performance, and reach. This data-driven approach allows us to continually improve our services and optimize for the most efficient marketing results.

List of Services

  • A/B tests: We explore new and diverse targeting options to reach both existing and potential customers. Through A/B tests, we compare the performance of two different target groups, identifying potential consumers and optimizing conversion strategies.
  • Utilizing Pixel Data : Utilizing Pixel Data: We analyze pixel data to comprehend conversion patterns and leverage it for retargeting. This enables us to target customers with similar characteristics to established consumers, enhancing the effectiveness of our campaigns.
  • Influencer Marketing : We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of influencers’ social media channels, review reports and proposals, and initiate contact for potential collaborations.

Gloim’s B2B
Social Media Marketing

While the significance of B2B marketing is sometimes underestimated, it plays a crucial role in reaching consumers making purchase decisions through social media. With a decade of experience, Gloim excels in professional B2B marketing, demonstrating efficiency in content production and targeted customer engagement.