Gloim provides marketing services along with government-support projects and other avenues.
  • Managing Multilingual Social Website Channels

We created and managed social media channels including FaceBook, Instagram, and YouTube across six regions. Our goal was to upload a variety of content and establish continuous communication with customers worldwide.

  • Content Production

To get in touch with customers in diverse regions and languages, we generated content in multiple forms such as news cards and short-form clips. Our content spanned languages like English, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Kazakh, and more.

  • Marketing through Influencers

Through cooperation with local creators of Mexico, Peru, El Salvador, and other regions, we developed content introducing products of the client. This strategy significantly boosted awareness among customers in our target countries.

  • Digital Marketing

By conducting paid advertisements in Meta(FaceBook and Instagram) and YouTube, we elevated brand awareness. As of May 26, 2023, the number of customers reached increased by 554%, and ad impressions grew by 278%, compared to the advertising costs in 2022.